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Nora Gold is a prize-winning author and the editor of the prestigious journal, Her novel Fields of Exile won the 2015 Canadian Jewish Literary Award and received international acclaim, including from Cynthia Ozick. Gold’s first book, Marrow and Other Stories, won a Canadian Jewish Book Award and was praised by Alice Munro. Gold’s new book is The Dead Man. Dr. Gold is the Writer-in-Residence and Associate Scholar at the Centre for Women’s Studies in Education at OISE/University of Toronto.



​Creative Process of a Jewish Composer

Dr. Nora Gold

The Dead Man is a novel about Jewish music and the process of creating it. Eve, a composer of Jewish sacred music, cannot finish a composition she started. Award-winning author Nora Gold will discuss elements of the creative process, what facilitated or impeded Eve’s capacity to compose, and the complex relationship between life and art. Gold will illustrate her remarks with readings from The Dead Man and briefly reflect on the power of Jewish music.




June 1




10:00 - 11:00 AM








Indigo Books




55 Bloor Street West

Lower Level





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