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Friday Evening, May 23


Musical Erev Shabbat Services
6:00 pm
N'ginah & Tisch

This Tisch is cancelled. Please call Holy Blossom Temple for updates.

Welcome Shabbat with live music from Holy Blossom’s congregational band – the N’ginah Band! It’s a traditional Kabbalat Shabbat featuring well-known Carlebach melodies and contemporary Chasidic tunes. Then, at 7 pm, Rabbi Jordan Helfman and Aviva Chernick lead a Tisch for Young Professionals – it’s a warm potluck dinner accompanied by zmiros (singing), oneg (much joy) and storytelling. Meet old friends, make new friends, and experience a place that is truly Shabbat.


Holy Blossom Temple

1950 Bathurst Street


6:00 pm
Singalong Shabbat

Don’t be left out – be part of the Shabbat experience! At this upbeat service, Cantor Marcel Cohen will lead a traditional Erev Shabbat service with melodies that will have you singing along. Rather than being an audience, join in. Cantor Cohen will help you participate, be included and share the feeling of Shabbat. Dinner following service $36 (reservation deadline May 20).


The Lodzer Synagogue

12 Heaton Street


6:30 pm
Rock Shabbat

It’s Kabbalat Shabbat as you’ve never seen it before! Sing and dance your way into Shabbat with the music of Kol Ami’s live band. Musical, upbeat, and spiritual, with a touch of funky. Services are followed by a dairy potluck Shabbat dinner.

Free admission to services and pot luck.


Temple Kol Ami

36 Atkinson Avenue, Thornhill


6:30 pm
Halleluyah, it's Shabbos!

It’s a soulful Shabbat featuring a live band. This special service is spirited and spiritual – at times lively, at times peaceful. Experience a musical “tent-revival” and “meditation mindfulness” all rolled into one! Dinner following is potluck vegetarian (reservations needed for dinner).


City Shul

36 Harbord Street

(in the Wolfond Centre)


7:10 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm)
Acoustic Jam & Potluck Kiddush

Bring in Shabbat with soulful, song-filled services, in which everyone can participate. We’ll use musical instruments to accompany our Kabbalat Shabbat prayers until the final stanza of Lekha Dodi, at which point we’ll stow the instruments and bring in Shabbat a cappella before sunset. Bring an acoustic instrument if you play one! Please bring a certified kosher food or drink to share for a light kiddush (snacking & schmoozing). We count a minyan of 10 women + 10 men, both women and men lead services, and there is a low partition between women's and men's seating; children are welcome on both sides.


Makom: Creative Downtown Judaism

The Kiever Synagogue

25 Bellevue Ave.


7:30 pm (doors open at 7:00 pm)
Klezmer Heart & Soul

Rabbi Yossi presents a Chassidic-style Klezmer Shabbat evening. Shabbat arrives at Beth Torah accompanied by the music of special guests Klezkonnection, performing with the Klezmer heart and a Chasidic soul, and narrated by Rabbi Yossi’s vibrant prose. Live music ends at sunset followed by Cantor David’s haimish Tisch!


Beth Torah Congregation

47 Glenbrook Avenue





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