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​The Portrayal of Jews in Opera

Dr. Joseph Gilbert

Not just for opera lovers! Dr. Joseph Gilbert provides a brief history of opera as background to set up this captivating presentation. With video and recorded examples, his discussion will include the portrayal of Jews on stage according to the 18th century Jewish stereotype, the 19th century “Jewish” operas and their dealing with discrimination and religious tolerance, the 20th century Jewish opera composers and artists, and more!



Dr. Joseph Gilbert is a classical music fan he has concentrated on the interface of Judaic subject in opera and music. He lectures on a variety of topics including Felix Mendelssohn, French Opera and Anti-Semitism, and Jewish Folk Tales that became opera subjects. Dr. Gilbert is a retired physician, neuropathologist and former VIP of Research at London Health Sciences Centre, and is currently the Chair of the Health Research Ethics Board at Western University.






May 31



10:00 - 11:00 AM



Free but tickets required

Note: All ticket-holders must arrive at least ten minutes before the event. Any seats not occupied at that time will be offered to walk-ins.  



Lipa Green Building

Tamari Hall




4600 Bathurst Street




Prosserman JCC parking lot


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