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​Malachei Mambo

"Angels of Mambo"

It’s a Jewish-Latin Fiesta! Fasten your seat belt for this wild musical ride with the best of Jewish Latin American rhythms from Argentina to Mexico.  Under the brilliant musical direction of Argentinian Claudio Waisgluss, and starring Gaston Bogomolni and Avi Litvak, two award-winning South American Cantors, this high-energy show features melodies by Jewish Latin composers, Israeli songs with Latin influence, and well-known songs arranged in a Latin style. Get ready to dance, laugh, clap and sing, and enjoy the freshness, warmth and mishigas of a uniquely entertaining evening!



Argentina-born Cantor Gaston is a versatile, soulful, and energetic edu-tainer and performer.  His musical projects include his Ta'am Latino CD, Malachei Mambo and Divine Sparks as part of the Boston Jewish Music Festival. Cantor Gaston is co-editor of Ruach HaDarom, the very first Anthology of Congregational Synagogue Melodies from Latin America, and is currently the Cantor in North Miami Beach, Florida.


Cantor Ari Litvak, born in Buenos Aires, is a musician, singer, choral cirector and the Cantor at Comunidad BetEl of Mexico. He has produced more than ten CDs including his solo CD Shira Chadasha, a complation of prayers by Latin American Composers with Latin pop arrangements.  Along with Gaston, Ari is co-editor of Ruach HaDarom.


Musical director Claudio Waisglus has played with countless world-renowned musicians and singers, both in his native Argentina and worldwide. He directed an all Latin-American version of Fame produced in Venezuela, and he toured the most prestigious theatres in the Far East with Tango 2000. Claudio has numerous television credits as an arranger, and has composed more than 20 film scores. He is currently music director of Temple Emanu-El of Palm Beach, Florida.


June 5



7:30 PM




General Admission $40

Students (18 and under) $20

416-789-3291, ext 224




Holy Blossom Temple




1950 Bathurst Street




Presented by Holy Blossom Temple


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