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Music Movie Afternoon: Celebrate Israel!

Take a break this afternoon with our double feature—two different ends of the musical spectrum in Israel…

Stan Getz in Israel: A Musical Odyssey

1:00 – 2:00 PM

Join jazz saxophone virtuoso Stan Getz on his historical 1977 three-week tour of Israel.  Getz jams with local musicians, including a Kurdish drummer, an Arab quartet, a Hassidic wedding band and a Yemenite dance troupe adapting his unique style to the various ethnic sounds of Israel.  “You know, when I'm playing,” says Stan, “I think of myself in front of the Wailing Wall with a saxophone in my hands, and I'm davening, I'm really telling it to the Wall." It’s a completely different side of the jazz legend we all know and love!

Orchestra of Exiles

2:15 – 3:45 PM


Filmmaker and author Josh Aronson’s acclaimed documentary introduces us to world-renowned European violinist Bronislaw Huberman who enjoyed great professional success in the early 20th century. With the rise of Nazism, Huberman began a crusade that would become his greatest legacy - the creation, in 1936, of the Palestine Symphony, which twelve years later became the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.  In creating this world-class ensemble, Huberman miraculously arranged for the very best Jewish musicians and their families to emigrate from Nazi-threatened territories. While saving hundreds of people from Hitler, and against near impossible obstacles, Huberman refused to give up on his dream to create a unique and life-saving orchestra of exiles which was one of the great cultural achievements of the 20th century. This mesmerizing tale will leave you breathless.





May 28


1:00 - 3:45 PM




Jacob Family Theatre at the Posluns Auditorium


3560 Bathurst St





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