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Cantor Jacob Mendelson is the subject of the documentary A Cantor’s Tale and its upcoming sequel.  An international performer and master teacher of chazzanut, Jack currently stars in his one-man show The Cantor’s Couch and he recently began an independent minyan in New York, dedicated to chazzanut in an egalitarian setting. 


Cantor Fredda Mendelson was an internationally-known opera singer before she began serving as Cantor in New York congregations, where she has worked for the past 20 years. Her acclaimed recording credits are vast and varied.


The Musical World of the Mendelsohns

Cantors Jack and Fredda Mendelsohn

In this exciting hour of Jewish music, world-renowned Cantor

Jack Mendelson and Cantor Fredda Mendelson invite us along on a tour of their wide-ranging musical world, performing Cantorial, Yiddish, Israeli & opera gems. These two super-power talents will

thrill you as they share song stylings and the authentic vocal sounds that reflect the enormous repertoire they have covered in their decades-long careers.





May 29


2:00 - 3:00 PM




Yamaha Recital Space

at Atalier Rosemarie Umetsu

310 Davenport Road

(west of Bedford) 





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