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Monday, June 4

10:00 - 11:00 am  ||  Illustrated Lecture

The Music of

David Nowakowsky


Sounds like a movie plot:  Respected composer dies in poverty, heroine smuggles music out of certain destruction in Russia into the holocaust, a family's terrified flight from the Nazis, burial of the scores for safe-keeping, recovery following WWII, music's renaissance in the US.  Join Ron Graner for this fascinating illustrated talk on the life and music of the almost-forgotten Russian composer David Nowakowsky.

A fantastic way to start your week!  

Cantor Ron Graner's film about Nowakowsky won the Audience Appreciation Prize at the Chicago International REEL Short Film Festival and has been broadcast on BRAVO Television.  His music-theatre play on Nowakowsky, entitled "Musical Pawns" was recently presented at New York's FRIGID Theater Festival and will be performed in July at the Toronto FRINGE Festival.

Free Admission

            The BAYT (Beth Avraham Yoseph of Toronto)

            ​613 Clark Avenue West, Thornhill

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