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Friday, May 23

12:00 noon - 1:00 pm

A Simple Twist of Faith
Evan Malach

It’s a sneak preview of the songs from Evan Malach’s newest musical A Simple Twist of Faith. The plot involves a Jewish American World War I soldier in a German synagogue who becomes the recipient of a simple act of kindness by a German Jew. This ultimately affects his entire family twenty-one years later when the Nazis are about to take power. Featuring upbeat and heart-warming songs, original acoustic folk-rock music and an optimistic outlook on the true potential of humanity, this is one of those special experiences that will stay with you long after it’s finished. With Adam Jesin (vocals) and Rich Grossman (guitar).

Actor, musician, singer and songwriter Evan Malach was the 1st place winner of Israel’s Hallelujah Global Jewish Singing Contest. A graduate of McGill University with a Concentration in Music, Evan also completed a two-year acting program at New York City’s esteemed Neighborhood Playhouse. Currently a Cantorial student, he has released two CDs and a spiritual memoir. A Simple Twist of Faith is his second musical.

Free Admission



401 Richmond Street West

Suite 133




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