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The UJA ShinShinim are bright and personable young Israeli emissaries carefully selected to volunteer in Toronto’s Jewish community while deferring their army service for one year. They informally teach us about Israel through creative programs and challenging discussions. Roni Alkalay, Hillel Ben Tal, Faran Raz (guitar), Uri Amar (oud), Ido Mordechay (guitar), Ishay Frenkel (drums), Batel Mamo (vocals).  Dancers: Roni Bort, Yuval Guetta, Maya Ben Haim.


Soon We Will Become the Song (Od M’At Na’afoch L’Shir)

The UJA ShinShinim

After its successful debut at JMW 2017, JMW is thrilled to offer more of this beautiful program which is part of an initiative begun in 2011 by Israeli radio network Galei Tzahal. The project takes texts written by soldiers who have fallen, then gives them to Israeli singers and songwriters who write musical settings for the words.  The new songs are broadcast each year for Israel’s Memorial Day. In this moving lunchtime session, The ShinShinim will introduce and perform some of these poignant songs, sharing with us the stories of their authors.





May 31


12:00 - 1:00 PM


Free but ticket required

Reserve your ticket now


Bernard Betel Centre

1003 Steeles Avenue West





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