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Alan Edelstein received an Academy Award nomination for his documentary short The Wizard of Strings. He is the producer of An Art That Nature Makes, and co-director and producer of Deceptive Practice.  He has worked as a writer and producer for Nowak Associates, Great Projects Film Company, and Sundance Channel, among others. Alan has also written on arts and culture in publications such as The New York Times, The Forward, and Transition.


The Record Men

Alan Edelstein


Due to a personal emergency, this program is unfortunately cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We’ve brought back one of last year’s favourite JMW presenters! This time Alan introduces us to the Jewish businessmen who played a prominent role in the creation of early rhythm & blues and rock ‘n’ roll. This fascinating session focuses on three of the most important – The Chess Brothers of Chess Records in Chicago, Art Rupe of Specialty Records in Los Angeles, and Syd Nathan of King/Federal in Cincinnati. Some were exploiters, some were fans, some were both, but all played a major role in breaking down racial barriers and transforming American popular music.





June 1


10:00 - 11:00 AM


Free but ticket required

Reserve your ticket now


Jazz FM91 Studio

4 Pardee Avenue #100

Liberty Village (south of King)





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