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Wednesday, June 6

2:00 pm  ||  Afternoon Tunes

"I've Heard that Song Before"

Jazz, Judaism and the Immeasurable Jules Styne

Sonus Stage Productions presents an utterly charming and fantastically entertaining cabaret revue of songs by the famed composer of such Broadway classics as Gypsy and Funny Girl.  Featuring some of Toronto's leading actors and singers, this event will leave you smiling from ear to ear!

Sonus Stage Productions is an exciting new Toronto-based theatre company dedicated to providing work for Canadian artists in contemporary and musical theatre, mentorship programs for new artists, and educational opportunities for youth.


Tickets 416-915-6747
For 15% discount, order online and enter promo code: JEWISHMUSIC


            Lower Ossington Theatre Cabaret Space / 100A Ossington

            Click for Directions

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